• A workshop on Sarcheshmeh st. in Tehran – Iran was founded by late Mr.Mohammad Hossein Jaber Ansari.
  • Storage parts were produced using manual machinery in this workshop.
  • DOZHPAD Co. was founded and new storage production systems were organized based on engineering methods & procedures.


Statement of Common Vision:
We aim to be a world class, learning and innovative organization in storage systems supply chain.

We manufacture storage systems and provide related services to supply customers requirements within our target markets, and try our best to prepare a satisfactory job environment for the employees, create value for customers, and reasonable profits for the shareholders, on the bases of ETHICS, RATIONALISM, and JUSTICE, and attain prosperity by effective and lasting collaboration in our world.

Statement ofCommon Values

We are ethically responsible of our commitments to the customers.
We respect our colleagues as the most valuable organizational resource and consolidate mutual trust by our correct act and behavior.
We enhance companys reputation by our sought of the right, gain of the licit income, self integrity, and organizational gratitude.
We are bound to our social ethical responsibilities and pursue afterworld prosperity by committing to our duties.

We provide customers with a favorable choice by supplying valuable products.
We encourage discipline, creativeness and collaboration while making learning and growth opportunities for ourselves and colleagues.
We increase companys share value and dividend so as to ensure its survival and to encourage shareholders into further developments.
We provide opportunities, consolidate social relations, and promote Dozhpads image throughout effective social participation.

We manage our business fairly and integrally with our customers in target market.
We portion each and every employees share of achievements relative to his/her profession, job and performance.
We do our best for the shareholders to achieve their fair expectation of resources and added values.
We justly distribute opportunities within our society.

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