Cantilever Racking System

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The Cantilever Racking System is designed for heavy and bulky tubular loads, roller shafts and sheets that are easily mounted on the forklift by the forklift. Cantilever Racking Systems are also suitable for branch loads such as metal pvc pipes, heavy and light profiles, chipboard sheets, steel sheets, rebar, construction sections, carpet rolls and heavy and bulky boxes. The main feature of these shelves is the non-slip column in the front of the shelf, which makes it extremely easy to load and remove goods of various dimensions.

Warehouses are undoubtedly the most important link in the production and consumption chain and have a huge impact on this chain. As time goes on and commodity production increases, warehouses have become more intense in the production chain. Warehouses include raw materials, product warehouses, tool warehouses, parts warehouses, waste warehouses, personnel supplies warehouses and more. Proper use of warehousing systems reduces the cost of products.
The use of proper shelving increases productivity, regulates warehousing, and facilitates warehousing activities and greatly reduces the damage that can be caused to the joints. Bracket or container shelving is one of the most advanced storage systems that has many advantages. With this warehousing system many problems in the storage of manufactured products and goods are solved.
DOZHPAD Cantilever is classified under the category of DOZHPAD heavy duty racking systems, which is applicable for storing longitudinal materials & goods such as pipes, profiles , cast-steelbars, C.K.D. Crates and ….This system can be supplied in different load capacity, height, bay, and arm length dimensions.

Suitable for branch loads such as metal pipes and pvc
Light and heavy profiles
Steel rigid
Sheets of chipboard
Building sections
Heavy and bulky boxes
Rolls of carpets.

The main feature, not having a column in front of the shelving to easy load and unload items with various dimensions.
Available with different heights, arm lengths, spans and tolerance
load and unload with forklifts
Arms easy adjustable in increments of 15 cm
Convenient access to all the goods

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