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– EN15620 (ISIRI18840)
– EN15629 (ISIRI21204)
– EN15635
– EN15572
– EN15512
– Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 Standard
– European Conformity Standard (CE)
– Sharif University of Technology Conformity (confirmation load test on Dozhpads shelving systems)
– British Standard
– FEM Standard (Guidelines & Code of Practice)
– SEMA Standard(Guidelines & Code of Practice)


DOZHPADs Compatible Storage Systems together with relatively lower material, energy and labor costs, improved quality and productivity, and reduced waste, provide a long term competitive advantage for our international partners.

Our proficient and motivated people and distributors, satisfy our customers, which in turn, generate sustained revenue and reasonable profit. Such funds are also used to improve our market share through continuous improvement, innovation, and investments.
Our firm intention is to satisfy our customers and stake-holders, becoming a truly world class company, achieving sustained growth within international markets.
Here is some of our certificates:

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