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Shelving is the most important thing for warehouses and other places. To that end, choosing the best shelf for a warehouse can help move items better and arrange the warehouse. Self-propelled shelving is a type of shelving that has unique features that distinguish it from other types of shelving.
Drive-In Racking is one of the many industrial metal shelves that have high load tolerance. These shelves have tunnels that can hold loads of up to 2500 kg on each shelf. LIFO is the method of removing all kinds of goods from these classes. This type of shelving has various components and can be used for shelving large refrigerated warehouses and warehouses with heavy loads. The reason for naming this type of shelving is that all spaces and corridors have been removed and there is only one corridor that the forklift can cross.
Loading and unloading from these shelves is done by forklift. The forklift enters each of these openings and removes the load from the bottom of the cage and releases the rear gear. This type of shelf can be up to 10 meters high and the shelf span can be from 135 to 150 cm depending on the type of load and pallet. Shelf depths can range from 40 to 120 cm. The Drive-In Racking system includes channels that, in addition to loading pallets, also provide forklift traffic. Dozhpad Drive in Pallet Racking includes channels that is a place to load pallets and also a traffic route for trucks.

Materials and products Storage
Cold Stores

Increasing the amount of maintained load in the warehouse multiple times, due to using the loading channels as a corridor.
Start loading by forklift from the bottom of the channel, and vice versa for discharge from the start of the channel.
Last input first output(LOFI)

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