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Live Storage contains Ruler Conveyors in Racking system that is installed inclined. The cargo moves by gravity force to outlet and stops bysystembreaksaccording to FIFO order. With the expansion of businesses and the use of larger warehouses to store goods, shelving systems became more important. To this end, a variety of shelving systems have been developed, including Live Storage Racking, to make it easier to shelter and import goods into the warehouse.

The word Live Storage Racking may be a little unfamiliar to you, and you may not be familiar with this type of shelving. This type of shelving has very unique features that have led to better management of warehouse space and therefore the use of this type of shelving is increasing day by day. In this type of shelving, the corridors between the shelves are minimized, and this has led to the maximum use of storage space. You can easily access pallets without having to move  shelves.

The shelving structure is installed on the movable motorized chassis and these chassis move on the rails on the floor of the warehouse. Therefore, the operator can start moving the shelves with the command to move the shelves, and the desired corridor for removing and placing items can be easily opened and closed. By doing so, the operation of the warehouse will increase by 95% and the cost of the warehouse will be greatly reduced. So while the cost of shelving is greatly increased, the cost of investment is greatly reduced.

Dojpad Live Storage Racking system, by minimizing the number of corridors required between the rows of shelving, makes it possible to make the most of the warehouse space. In addition, you will have access to all pallets without the need for any additional movement.
This is possible by installing a shelving structure on the motorized chassis. These moving chassis move on rails running on the floor of the warehouse. Thus, it is enough for the operator to select the desired corridor and issue a relocation order so that the shelving blocks start to move and the desired corridor is opened for loading / unloading operations.

It is possible to issue remote control commands using remote controls, panels located on shelving blocks, as well as WMS management system. With this unique solution, the warehouse utilization rate will increase by more than 95% and investment costs will be significantly reduced.

Cold Stores
Supply Storages
Pharmaceutical Industry
Food Industry

Design and installation of floor and load proportional to the height of the hall
Steel bolts frame components
Variations in the dimensions and load

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