Shuttle Drive In Racking

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For keeping Pallet loads in a widespread maintenance. Specially useful for:
Cold Storage Facilities
Raw Matterial Warehouses
Supply Warehouses
The transportation performance in the Shuttle Drive-in is done by Lift Trucks, Stalkers, Rich Trucks and Crane Stalkers.

Capability of developing the Warehouse to Full Mechanization
Shuttle Drive-in can be operated in very high altitudes for its Stability
Possibility of developing the Regular Drive-in systems into Shuttle Drive-in


Optimizing usage of the warehouse altitude
Optimizing usage of the warehouse floor
100% Regard to FIFO order
Increasing the operating speed
Decreasing in required capital for Machinery equipment such as Lift truck
Reduction of energy consumption
Optimizing operator’s performance
Highest level of safety
Easy management
Fast installation
Portable feasibility

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